The Saint Etienne (Saint Stephen) Cathedral of Châlons-en-Champagne presents a beautiful example of thirteenth-century Gothic art. The remarkable architecture, especially of the nave and north arm of the transept, delights us with its harmony and balance.
Here, Gothic art achieves one of its supreme ambitions: to replace stone walls with soaring panes of glass.
The stained glass windows constitute the principal richness of the Cathedral of Châlons, not only by their quality and variety, but also because they allow us to trace the history of the art of stained glass from the twelfth to the nineteenth centuries. The numerous engraved funerary slabs further contribute to an artistic heritage of prime importance.
The State, owner of the edifice, regularly conducts extensive maintenance and restoration, concerning both the monument's structure, and the exceptional furnishings it contains. This website, created by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) of Champagne-Ardenne, invites you to discover the history and architecture of Saint Etienne Cathedral of Châlons, and to follow the latest restoration projects for the monument.